About Mahle

We have been cooperating with MAHLE since 2004 and finally we managed to release Maruha’s special – the Mahle piston for Miata/MX-5.
Mahle’s pistons are being used in racing cars all over the world.
Let us introduce you briefly Mahle’s history.


The name Mahle represents efficiency.
The world’s number 1 piston supplier, Mahle was established in 1920 by the brothers Mahle and since then it has become a central company in the automotive industry.

In 1977 Mahle set up its North-American head-office in Morristown, Wisconsin. They provide the world’s engine manufacturers yearly with over 20 million of pistons.

With over 80 years of development and race results, Mahle’s pistons have won the leadership among the forged pistons and these days they are being used in major car races like F1, Le Mans, IRL, NHRA, NASCAR etc.

Mahle’s history

MAHLE PowerPak

Mahle’s Power Pak series contain parts that have actually proved in the racing world.
At the surrounding of the pin boss deflashing has been carried out and there is no more need for other work before setup.
The piston is completely forged and special coating has been carried out.
The piston pin and the round circlip raises the efficiency and even the ring can suppress the resistance.
The construction parts are all made by Mahle.

The phosphate coating used as the performance coating is meant to be used for dry lubrication and it improves the familiarity of the ring and the piston pin.
Furthermore, in the case of the piston skirt graphal coating has been carried out. It has the function of lowering the sliding friction.

This kind of excellent planning methods respond to all the needs starting with OEM production to F1.

All the pistons are the final designs of MAHLE MOTORSPORTS.
Material 4032 (with silicone) which has a low rate of thermal expansion is being used, the piston clearance becomes better than before and it is possible to build a good and silent engine.

Even these days Mahle is one step ahead of all other piston suppliers.
It was Mahle who first started dealing with the slip skirt and the first company that introduced the BOX-IN-BOX design to the North American market.

The BOX-IN-BOX design has been used for many years in Europe in F1 and in other major races. Its characteristic is the reinforcing in between the pin bosses.

Maruha Motors is Mahle’s general agent in Japan and supplies all kinds of Japanese cars with Mahle pistons.

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